April 18, 2017

2017 Country Kids Relay Teams

5th Grade Boys 5th Grade Girls 5th Grade Coed
Brayden Felbob Natalie Bethell Emily Richardson
Harrison Schmit Nicole Schnurbusch Riley Castillo
Gage Smedema Jaelynn Wilcox Siosi Utaatu
Gavin Samples Avery Buss Kelson Whalen

4th Grade Boys 4th Grade Girls 4th Grade Coed
Vince Estrada         Haley Matus         Sophia Barrett
Henry Molan        Aurora Waldon        Cameron Vandecoevering
Aidan Hedberg Kierra Hudson Emma Rygh
Tyson Smith          Elena Shokha         Emmanuel Garcia

3rd Grade Boys 3rd Grade Girls 3rd Grade Coed
Carson Smith         Kalo Utaatu         Amanda Davidson
Cole Ricketts         Rylie Smith         Hayden Gatchett
Ruvim Shokha Raegan Bethell Joelyn Schnurbusch
Timofey Timofeev Savana Walker Trenton Provost

2nd Grade Boys 2nd Grade Girls 2nd Grade Coed
Bryce Felbob          Leah Albee         Kyndal Miller
Hunter Toay          Ireland Hedberg Cole Steele
DeAnte Echtinaw  Berlin Smith        Alisi Utaatu
Taten Lorentz      Amelia Estrada Benjamin Shokha

1st Grade Boys 1st Grade Girls 1st Grade Coed
Aaron Karschnia Katie Sowa         Caitlin Courtney
Jacob Emmert         Maya Graham        Noah Burns
Jovanni Baltazar Bella Garcia        Mackenna Carter
Rysen Brister         Adelyn Seely       Aiden Tudela

March 20, 2017

Movement Skills

March 15, 2017

Pi Day

March 8, 2017

Bowling Wrap-Up

The students have had a lot of fun these past 2 weeks with bowling.  Thank you Town and Country Bowling for the use of your equipment.

February 28, 2017

Forest Ridge Bowling Alley

February 23, 2017

The Super Seven Deck Ring Challenge

February 22, 2017

Awesome 3000 and Country Kids Relays

I wanted you let you know the dates of 2 of our favorite yearly events.  The Awesome 3000 is May 6th and the Country Kids Relays are May 20th.  Look for more information coming in March. 

Remember the Awesome 3000 is open to all Forest Ridge students, as is the Country Kids Relays. However, remember students are chosen to represent Forest Ridge for the Country Kids Relays. Team selections are not done solely on a students time trials.  (Time trials begin in Mid-March)  Students not demonstrating Forest Ridge S.O.A.R. (Safe, Organized, Achieve, Respectful) behavior during school will NOT be chosen to represent the school.  
As always, I am here to answer any questions you may have.

Thank You,
Mr. Hampton